chevs life
2004-02-08 22:47:17 (UTC)

Anger Management and Such

Make a difference for yourself day: One of the many
attempts of our school to prevent sluts, rage-a-holics,
smokers, alcoholics and people who don't know what career
path they will take from continuing their "sinful" ways of

Oh yes, this would be my favorite day of the year at my
super school. Why you ask? Well, it's so helpful you know
(Okay, really, it's just a good waste of two classes of
the day so who can complain).


This year, I decided to choose workshops that might
someday be of use to me. Thus my first picked was Dating &
Relationships. I thought it was a good choice because the
guy was apparantly really funny so at least if I didn't
learn anything from it, I would get some humor out of it.

My second choice was Anger Management. I thought it was
also a perfect fit for me due to my rage. Only the people
who know me well can understand that one. I'm actually a
very angry person. I blame it on the fact that I'm an
oppressed black woman. Evidently, this was also a great
choice because it could also provide comic relief to my


Dating & Relationships wasn't bad. There wasn't too much
that I learned from the guy about dating. It was all
pretty much common sense. He had some pretty touching
stories though. He was a teacher for 30 years so I guess
in that time you would see alot. He was funny, like
everyone had said, so it definitely wasn't a waste of

Anger Management was interesting. I actually learned alot.
There were a few psychos in the class wiht me but it was
all good. I enjoyed it, mainly cuz Rosetta was sitting
behind me cracking jokes. The only thing I had a problem
with was the way she listed how to relieve tension in an
argument without getting angry. One of the listed
suggestions was... to tell a joke as long as it's not
offensive to the other party. Like, what is that!?! "I'm
gonna kick your ass, Chevonne" "Well wait! Why did the
chicken cross the road?" I seriously wonder who thought
that up. That's the worst thing I've ever heard in my
life. Otherwise, the suggestions were pretty good. I might
use them in my day to day life to prevent anger from
ruling my life. Haha.

That's all for now!