nowhere kid

my hopeless life
2004-02-08 22:08:27 (UTC)

im so confused

so he has finally got his revenge he found out his gf was
cheatin on him. He has breakin up w/ her and he is not
over me and this rox. i dont kno if im over him tho. also
Cuz he has the whole skool wrapped around his little
finger and i have him wrapped around mine. this is gonna b
so much fun. Dude sas i kno ur in love and u will b sure
this summer. senora kratzer is so mean i cant bleive she
gave sedrick detention jus for not bringin a frickin
sndwich. finally im gettin along w/ every1 i knew it that
1ce lisa left that ppl would start bin friends w/ me but
they couldnt cuz they had 2 do everything the queen told
them 2. I wanna go 2 philly so much w/ my friends and i
hope my mom lets me. NIRVANA rocks my little world. my
family on my dads side i think totaly forgot bout me. my
grandparents my half aunt and my other uncle r all leavin
for disney world on my b-day. when i said somthin 2 them
their reply was o thats rite it is ur b-day. I was like
thanks a lot. My mom is way 2 over protective and my dad
doesnt give a damn bout me. So i screwed no matter who i
live w/.I really hope that kate gives eddie a chance he
deseves 1 even tho he can b a little perv and shallo he is
still a great guy and like my brother. Dude i think sarah
is in love i really do. I think i mite b in love but y?
im total oppsites of him o well ill let fate take its