felicity womb
2004-02-08 20:14:26 (UTC)

truth of lies

Most do not fully see this truth that life is difficult.
Instead they moan more or less incessantly, noisily or
subtly, about the enormity of their problems, their
burdens, and their difficulties as if life were generally
easy, as if life should be easy. They voice their belief,
noisily or subtly, that their difficulties represent a
unique kind of affliction that should not be and that has
somehow been especially visited upon them, or else upon
their families, their tribe, their class, their nation,
their race or even their species, and not upon others.
And why we worry of missing out on happiness...
Money can't buy happiness, but it can rent it for a long
Why we creat new problems to take care of the old ones?
The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you've
gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare
exists because of the rabbit. Once you've gotten the
rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of
meaning. Once you've gotten the meaning, you can forget
the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words
so I can talk with him?

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