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2004-02-08 20:11:52 (UTC)

I feel so loved!

I say that a lot. ^ "I feel so loved!" Let's see...I have
all these thoughts in my head and I'm just gonna start
I went to the mall with Tisha and Ashley yesterday. I
kinda thought it would be weird because Ashley liked Billy
before me and he called her a whale (I yelled at him for
that). But it was really fun. We rode the elevator for an
hour. It made my legs feel all funny.
Everyday after school I'd tell Tisha to tell Billy hi for
me cuz I wasn't gonna see him and she would and now he
says hi to me before she says it to him for me. I know
that's not much but I think it's cool.
Billy says he's a nympho. What the hell are you supposed
to say to somebody after they tell you that?!?! (In case
you don't know what a nympho is, it's a person, usually
female, who's addicted to sex.)
I had more to say but now I don't. So see ya.