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2004-02-08 19:22:00 (UTC)

its been a while!

well i havnt writtten in this for a long time!! well the
holiday season went along great, as well as my birthday,
cant believe im 17!! i guess that means im just about a
year away from being out on my own, going to college write
out of hight school, im just glad alot of people i know are
going to F.S.U. with me so its not so bad, im a little
nervous having to live the adult life, but ill get used to
it. im going to miss some seniors graduating this year, i
mean i have spent the last 3 years with them and some even
more, well that day is not hear yet so i still have time.
well all county is over, and i made 1st chair which i was
very excited about, i mean its not everyday you get the top
spot in the county, i just thank God i had this
oppurtunity. its been pretty busy these last few months,
having band stuff and getting ready for college, taking the
a.c.t, speaking of school, we had registration the other
day, and i took the classes i wanted to take except for
college algebra, my math teacher mrs. thompson made is
abundantly clear i was to stupid to take college algebra,
so i didnt have the best week last week! she just kept
going on about how i basically suck at math, which i know
im not a good math person, i mean all my other classes im
doing well in, i just have a hard time with math, im
failing alebra right now, but i cant understand my teacher,
i get the stuff were doing, but the teacher just can not
teach!!! we got into it last thurday, but i dont think
thats going to help the situation. i just felt really bad
about my self when she talked to me, but im going to make
an a on the next test if its the last thing i do!! anyway i
guess im going to go, ill try to keep up my journal up more

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