Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-02-08 17:45:33 (UTC)

Monday - Berlin Day One (Part Two)

So we found our hostel and went in. Success, we thought.
TN got his papers out, because we'd booked, and we waited
for those Aussies from the Airport to get out of the way
(I was annoyed with them by this point) and asked for our
keys. The guy behind the counter had no recollection of
them. It went a bit like this.

"Hi! We're Of three"
"Would you like a room?"
"We booked one online and paid a reservation fee of £10"
"Right." Searches through papers "Which website did you
book through"
"We don't work with Hostel World, I'm afraid. And" Rustles
papers "I can't find any reservation"
"We paid, though....£10"
"And I'm sorry, but we don't have any rooms tonight"
MTS - annoyed "We've come all the way from the airport....
and then the guy cracked up laughing. Oh, how he laughed.
He'd royally pulled our leg, and though we were all
completely shattered, we did see the funny side. Slowly.

So we checked in, and went out in search of food. Being
off-the-wall kind of guys, we went the other way than the
way the kebap shop was. And then got to a junction. And
another. And another. And another. We walked, in short, a
massive way. It was not fun when we came to the conclusion
around 1.15 that we were completely lost. And had to
retrace our steps. All the way back again.

I'd seen a (It transpired) video shop that I was convinced
was a bookshop, and it had a massive confectionery
section, and I thought we ought to stop off there and go
back to the hotel for a bev. However, I maybe pressed this
point too far, and it became annoying. Very annoying, even
for me. I was roundly thrashed, and I can only think
rightly so. I was a bit of a prat about it in the end.

Anyway, we made it to the kebap shop about 1.45 and I got
a veggie kebap, which was surprisingly good, compared to
its English brother. The kebaps were good, the beers were
good, and when we got to bed (About 3) we were all
completely destroyed, but already enamoured with Berlin,
if not so much our ways around it.