Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-08 17:34:13 (UTC)

Monday - Berlin Day One

For the purposes of this diary, I will call my colleagues
The Night - TN - and Madam Two Swords (sic) - MTS - though
they are clearly not their real names.

Anyway, after my long, boring (and heightened by a man
from Birmingham who worked in Nuremberg raving about how
the country was going to pot because Germany was better
for an hour, and for that matter, all the worse for me
having to spend an hour in Ely, which is the end of the
world) I arrived at Stansted and we got checked in
alright - no disasters, no being late. We were pushed for
time a little, but nothing too bad.

Unfortunately, with my later booking of the ticket, I had
to wait an age to get onto the plane and was treated like
a second class citizen all the way there. Not to worry,
there was an irritating group of Australians on my left,
one of whom was like the Anti-Myers (You know what I mean
Did). Anyway, we were all boarded, and the flight across
was uneventful but for MTS and myself stroking TNs leg for
longer than he expected. Still, he sat in the middle. It
was to be expected.

We did upset a woman across from us though, and no-one
liked that. I think it might have been our constant
fooling, and she did have a kid.

So we arrived in Berlin...that went alright, with a few
dodgy looks, as is their want. Got onto the S-Bahn, and
got to where we thought we were meant to be. But we were
meant to be somewhere slightly different. So we got there
instead. So we had to ask - as you do in a foreign country
when you're lost. Only problem was, it was about
12midnight, and it seemed there was very few places left
open, apart from garages. And we needed food, too. So we
made our way to a kebap (sic) shop, and MTS asked for us.
We looked odd, asking our way to a hostel that turned out
to be just round the corner, but we got there in the end,
and were avowed that we would eat at that self same kebap
shop once we'd settled in.

We went to our hostel (Just opposite Landsberger Allee
station, it turned out)

WILT? The 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers victory song.