would the world stop spinning
2004-02-08 14:40:01 (UTC)

the party is over....

not as amazing as i thought it would be, but ya know....
i made an ass of myself in front of the hot girl, the one
that was there just to meet me and ended up being the
hottest girl there,i wasn't expecting that kinda thing.
thanks mike! you could have been like " the way, the
girl i'm making you meet,well...she's breath taking." and i
coulda been like "well thanks that way i know when i turn
around and see her what it's going to be like, maybe i wont
trip so hard over my words" and you would have been
like "terri, really it's ok...just know that she's
stunning" mike coulda saved me alotta feeling like a dick
when he walks up and goes terri this is jess, and i first
almost drop my drink and secondly couldn't make my voice
box work..... i was a little afraid if i did talk it would
come out something like, "yer purty!"!!!!
dont know what to think,i did finally speek to her twice
both times making myself look like a jack ass...
she told mike that kim was a little creepy cuz she fallowed
her around all night,and that she was really into femme
girls,well i'm not exactly butch but i sure am not
femme... i never go the two femme girls being together
thing anyway tho. she's very 80's electro punk whatever...
too cute for words thats all i know.
then at the end of the night i ended up making out with
some chic on the couch and i'm not sure why, i wasn't
attracted to her and she was a bad kisser. oh well... it
was a party. em and aften being covered in beer from a
glass they kinda had thrown at them, at least one person
crying,one person throwing up,alot people being loud,
shannons mom and dad doing beer bongs, hot girls all over
the place, too much beer for everyone there to drink in one that sucka!