WhoaBaby! Crazy life
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2004-02-08 07:48:26 (UTC)


well its really late now and i just started this neet-o
diary but on sat the 8th of feb me n libby went 2 the vday
dance. it was soo much fun! i seriosely love boys hehe. im
so happe heehee..:) b4 the dance me n libby were getting
ready for like 4 hrs and so many pics were taken. then we
got 2 the dance and it was real cool. so many ppl were
there the only bad part was that the room smelles like BO
and sweat from all the 380some ppl that were there. the
last slow song was good. i guess thats pretty cool.. but
then after
the "ive had the time of my life song from dirty dancing
it was all over and me n libbs went 2 Dennys to eat. i
feel sick from all the creamy stuff i ate. but in libbys
car.. funny thing happend the door flew open and i could
have flown out! but i didnt. yay!. well. its getting real
late and im wearling lindsays ring still i 4got to give it
abck 2 her.. ah. im so happy!! Goodnight! Love ivana

o yeah...
im ivana and i go 2 frontier high and its really sweet
there not .. but im 16 and im awesome. well i feel awesome
tonight! lifes just been kinda fun lately. im lovin it.
But yeah tehres a 80s song stuck in my head it goes "ooo
baby, do u know what thats worth? ooo heave is a place on
eart."(thanks 2 sam n jess) la la la... and the other song
gonig thru my head is FROM ME TO U by teh beatles.. i love
that song.. if theres anything that u want if tehres
anything i could do, just call on me and i'll send it
along with love from me to you!.. wow i wish tehre was a
dance like every week i liek getting all dressed up and
feeling like a princess haha.

well.. this is kinda long im sure its kidna annoying. but
jennie started a online journal and i got jelouse so im
copying her cuz i love her so much! 2 bad she moved 2 NC:(
so far away its farther than hell..

but yeah i hope i have many exciting days 2 come. cuz i
hate being bored. its just so boring. hmmm writing in here
is kind of fun.

Well.. all i have left to say is.. HUMP ME HUMP ME!! haha.
i think im ganna have wet dreams hahahah.. if girls can
even have wet dreams? that would b so wierd dont ya think?
yeah im just a lil bit of a pervert sometimes. ah but its
okay. well im going to bed 4 rel now cuz its like 3:38AM..
in the morning.. eyah and i have plans 4 tomorow so i cant
sleep all day. cuz i ahve homework too wow i hate school..
it gets in teh way of my life.. later goodnight and
yeah.. Peace love and humping!

hehe im all sparkly from the dance.. hehehe. i love
boys!! they r so addicting maybe someday i can actualy
find a keeper:)