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2004-02-08 06:03:54 (UTC)

what a wonderful life it is oh yes oh no oh yes

well well well hello again!!!!!!!! i know its been a couple
days since i have written in this dear journal of mine! its
sad isnt it well let me fill u in on the past couple
days.... however if for some weird reason ur standing.,...
u might want to sit!!! and if ur sitting get comfortable ur
in for a ride and a wrap up to a lot of shit in my life....
well for starters me and don r talking again... its great i
love it.... i hate when he pisses me off because number one
i can never stay mad at him and number two i miss him to
much to stay mad at him and then number three when i see
him i cant even act mad at him so yeah but we talked about
it and apoloized and everything is all fine and dandy
now... but however if it wasnt for him doing that i
probably wouldnt have tipped off my rocker (like my
expression yes 2 k points for tawnya (k points being i
dunno but the k sounded good and it was right there))
anyways so after that me and ryan talked things over and we
are offically broken up... we are taking a break and i
dunno what it is but i miss the kid and i am trying to
everything possible not to... but it is extremely hard.. i
mean come on now i've been with the kid for like 3 years
practically straight ive been with him for 10 and a half
months... i mean he was and still is a huge part of my
life! heck i lived with him for like 8 or 9 months so come
on now thats a long fucking time!!!!! but we r taking a
break we still talk almost everyday and we r gonna hang out
sunday and i guess he wants to do something with me on
valentines day.... which i guess is ok i just hope no one
else wants to do anything with me because then id feel
bad... lol like who would want to do that with me... jk
guys i know it pisses u off when i say that... lol thats y
i said it a ha a ha a ha lol well so anyways moving on i've
been hanging with this kid named chris now he's from
oakland and get this.... ready prepare urself now... u'd
never guess that the crosbanator would be hanging with one
of these... ready ??? ok deep breath now... a chemist...
yes thats right a chemist... lol its great but hey u never
know now a days i guess but he's pretty cool shit and he is
so sweet like totally sweet and u wouldnt even guess like
today when i was leaving the dorms.. yes i stayed there
dont worry ill get to that story to... well anyways i went
down to say by to manda totally cool chick u guys should
totally hang with her because she is da bomb well anyways i
went to my car and i was like walking down thinking shit
snow sucks and now i have to clean off my car this is
fuking bullshit well i got outside and when i got to where
i could see my car i was shocked at what i was seeing my
car sitting there totally cleaned off it was great i had to
call manda up on that shit note i was shocked unbelivably
shocked... well anyways about the dorm story there really
isnt much to it i satyed on dorms last night with chris the
totally sweet guy who is a riot i mean come on now ready
for this shiat... he answers his door... "yes my child" its
great a fucking riot i tell ya then hes like all cool and
shit saying "u dont tell me" so i come up with "bitch
please" well anyways so i stayed in there all night there
wasnt that much going on for a friday night and then i went
to go visit don see how he was doing... and i chilled with
him for awhile.. cause he friend was sick and had to go to
the er but its all good she's doing fine i guess she's in a
lot of pain tho and they aint doing shit for her them
bastards.... i have a couple v's left from my accident if
she wants them however lol anyways then i left and went and
saw jess jess bo bess me my mo mess jess and i totally told
her the story of friday night and saturday day over my
cheeseburger from good ole mickey d's on broadway... union
street is messy lol and hogan road... lets just not talk
well then i got to drive out to carmel and let me tell u
the roads were SHIT and boo yah ok not boo yah more like
boom no they sucked so bad i fish-tailed like crazay and i
almost crashed a couple time but me and my expertise
driving skills survived but however my total coz ryan who i
work in the mail room for cant give directions to well he
never told my anything about plymouth road being the one i
needed so im sitting here driving by it and i mean i
shoulda known that was the road but noooo so i called my
mommy dearest and was like didnt i need plymouth road and
shes like yeah so i totally drove in the shit weather roads
more then i needed to but i found it ok and i totally
babysat m cousins ryan and ian all night and then it like
took me an hur to drive home when usually it only takes me
like 20 minutes tops but whatever and i got home and now im
home talking to everyone oh an good ole joe carballo is
home for a bit but fucking ass wipe is in hancock county
now well the handcock name fits him just kidding babes we
all missed yeah hope u laid a couple hot chicks for me ,...
lol well im done with this novel maybe ill catch ya on the
flip side or maybe even the bottom who knows... well send
me feedback to tell me ur proud of me.. specially u mystery
person who wanted me to consider abortion oh by the way i
took a preg test and its NEGATIVE!!!!! which is great and
eh fuck it toodles

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