2001-10-09 07:46:47 (UTC)

I'm sick of it

I'm sick of it, I really am. I hate uni, I hate being there
and I'm tired of working. I should have just left it at one
degree. I'm only 22, I don't need 2 right now I'm sure.

Other than uni my life right now is confusing enough,
people chasing me around. Asking me to do thing, I've been
so busy I was supposed to start and ad campaign for this
private company today, but I havn't. And on top of all this
I'm meant to be getting work done that just won't sink in,
I try and I try and I try... it just won't. It sits there,
it laughs at me.

I want to be out of here. I'm ready to pack it in, after 4
years I think they've finally broken me...

Mind you ,ther are good things. My bike is running really
well, my aunty is still alive, although prolly not for long
I'd say. My car is still ugly.. and I'm still alone, I have
so many friends, but I can't let them see me like this,
ever. They cant'. They need me to be that strong pillar. I
don't know how to tell them that I'm not, that I let all of
them down...