Perfection Kills
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2004-02-08 03:24:44 (UTC)


Welp, my friday sucked. But it was good i guess, because
these past two days have helped me find out who my true
friends are, and no offense to any of them, but i didn't
think they were it. I mean, I didn't think that they were
evil bitches who were going to screw me into the ground,
but I didn't think that they and I would get this close...
I'm very glad we did. The band on friday kicked major
ass. DOC'S KIDS RULES MAN! Um, lemme see, let's be more
specific aboot what happened on friday...okay, so i tried
out for choir... saw the two people i care aboot most all
over each other... i mean ALL OVER each other... almost
cried... then bosse and sarah came home with me (:-D).
They watched fear and loathing in las vegas, while
i "cleaned my room" (also known as masturbating - JK!!).
I actually just thought they could use some "together
time". I hope it did some good... i think they know what
i mean. anywho, then david krick came over... and then we
went to the depot. the first band wasn't much fun, they
were good, but idk, meh anyways, saraba and i jumped in
the snow banks a lot and David stuffle was there and i
haven't seen him foeva... it was awesome... and then sarah
and i jumped in the snowbanks in our t-shirts/tanktops it
was stellar man. joe and gelking were there, that was
pretty cool. they were so messed up, haha. i sorta like
joe i guess, but then again i always have, since last year
anyways so yeah... gelking's cute too i guess... they're
both too much of sluts for me though,i think... altho joe
hasn't been talking to me about sex/hitting on me online
as much so that's cool... okay, wow, way too much diary
space devoted to joe... anywho... uhh... the second band!
right! Doc's Kids... i won a free cd for being the only
girl who danced... um, dk gave me a necklace... 10k gold
and diamonds... i feel really bad about taking it... and
then he left without saying goodbye... which made me feel
bad too... oh! sam b was there! that was awesome, he's
such a silly kid... davidb and sarab were cuddling on the
couch... it made me happy... haha, i'm pathetic, but
that's okay... and then i went home... and ali bitched at
me and told me i had no right to be mad at her, and just
pretty much made the whole thing my fault and christ did
that make me feel like shit... i just sorta have wanted to
curl up and die for the past 2 days... and then today
happened... it was fun and all... but there was always
that undercurrent of shittiness... and it just sort of
pulled me under towards the end of the night. and i'm
talking to sarah and david right now, and they make me
happy... they're so amazing i just want em to be happy.
and i think that they make each other happy, and so
together.. sorry! okay, i'm done pushing that issue, it'll
come when/if it should... anyways... i just... meh...
meh... meh... meh... everything i did today just reminded
me of... pain... and... ah! no! i'm not going to get
depressed! *crosses her arms in determination and sits for
several moments...* *realizes that having her arms
crossed makes it difficult to type... so uncrosses arms*
wow, i'm on crack... anyways, i'm gonna go finish the
shirts in a lil bit... love you all ~ KT

P.S. I like... okay, so i don't really like anyone, but i
just wanted to be like everyone else in the form of my
entry! *cries* i'm sorry! i wanted to be an individual
(just like everybody else...)

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