The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-07 22:37:30 (UTC)

My Boring Day

Well, what do you expect? it's Saturday today...and i've
got NOTHING to do. I just finished reviewing my 5 new CDs
for KRR, and sent them to killer for him to,
they'll prob'ly be up by tonight....if he's bored like me

Ummm...what the HELL do i talk about? My boring life? i've
already talked about that lol. I mean, hell...all you have
to do is read my journal from december to now, and you'd
figure out that my life is really nothing to boast about.

My parents are on the whole "get a job" thing or "go to
school" thing...what they don't understand is that i CAN'T
go to school for at least another year (Gotta be outta
school for 3 years before you can even think about
upgrading) And i WOULD get a job, if i knew that i could
handle it...but as of right now, i can't handle a job for
two reasons; 1) KRR Comes First and; 2) My anxiety and
depression are holding me back

I know i talk about God in here, and i've been on that
topic for a few days now. I know God will help me out, i
do. But, until i get my priorities straight, and know
where i'm going, i don't wanna do anything that'll screw
up my schedule.

People say i should become a DJ, well, i have, i've
established that goal. Even though i don't get paid for
it, i don't's what i LOVE to do, and i don't see
myself quitting anytime soon.

Hell, one of these days when i get anxious enough to do
it, i should become Microsoft Certified. I mean, i'm on
the computer, i've LEARNT shit that i've never even
dreamed about doing, and i wanna be able to at least do
that goal first before anything. Cause, that won't screw
up my schedule...i can get a grant, or a loan to do
it...there's NUMEROUS places around here that offer the
course, so i mean, what's stopping me?

Anyways, before i get into a speil here, i'm gonna cut it
short. So, until later people

PeAcE oUt!