In my mind
2004-02-07 15:26:53 (UTC)

He that I used to know

As if it were yesterday I met him in the park. I was
crying because my boyfriend dump me and he suddenly touch
my shoulder he ask me if I were okay and if need him at
myside, he hug me close to him and start to cry too.

He said it's not worth to cry over a jerk like my
boyfriend. He said I have to try and forget him and learn
to enjoy my life. He also said I look not-so-cute when I'm
crying. He said he wanted to see my dimple, wanted to see
me smile.

That was the start of our friendship.He always said that
our friendship will last till eternity and nobody will be
there to ruin it. I beliefe in every word he said because
he brings comforts and security in mylife. He never
demands anything from me..he loves me because of who I am.

After a couple of years everything suddenly change. We
didn't see each other that often and didn't have the time
to sit and talk as we used to do.

A week later he told me that he had find a perfect gurl.
He wanted her to be his wife, his soulmate, his true love.
He said it will be hard for us to be together and he said
our friendship was a mistake.

I could'nt beliefe what he was saying..I just ran and sit
in the park waiting for someone to tell me it's okay to
make mistake..I'm all alone now..only bitter sweet
memories filled my life...........