Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2004-02-07 11:23:33 (UTC)

Nose hair attack

If you didnt know this already...Japan has some of the most
fucked up animation shows...ever.
This one thats playing on TV (that my wife is chortleing
over as I type this) is called Bo bo bo- bo bo- bo thats
right the title is...in case you missed it: Bo bo bo- bo bo- bo
It a...well I dont really know how to categorize it.
Umm a fighting anime?...nope
Love...hell no
drama..umm no
The main? character has a special attack using his nose
hairs...he also has a side kick that looks suspiciusly like
Sonic the hedgehog...but is orange...its fucked up and I like it