Four Rooms
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2004-02-07 08:08:58 (UTC)

Friday, February 6, 2004

I know I'm posting this on Saturday, but I haven't been to
sleep yet so I'm counting it as Friday.

Physical - Well, I didn't mention this in my other Four
Rooms post, but I've switched to drinking only water. I
can't do this strictly, cause I still need caffeine when
I'm really tired to keep me awake in class. Hopefully I
can start some kind of workout regimine too, to help me
lose the Freshman 15 that I've gained since being at

Mental - I'm quite tired. I still ahve a problem going to
bed at a decent hour as is obvious when you take a look at
the current time of this posting: 3:13AM. This NEEDS to be

Emotional - I'm kind of stressed out. My girlfriend is
coming up Sunday, leaving Tuesday and I have a shitload of
work to do and I need to study for Calculus. If I work
hard this weekend, stop playing video games and really
buckle down I think I can get it all done before she gets
here Sunday, then I can spend plenty of time with her. I
love her so much. :)

Spiritual - Well, I still haven't had time to do anything
related to Wicca, which saddens me. I've been so busy
lately that I haven't had the time and school DEFINATELY
comes before everything. Too bad I can't get my body to
follow along with that statement.