Rei's Little World
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2004-02-07 06:38:35 (UTC)

Into to my world

Welcome one and all! These are the lil thoughts that are
in my brain all the time...soooooo jsut for other's
curiousity ill put em here. ^^. Oh and if you see me use
^^ note that it is actually for Ian. I just stole it from
him. Ian is my boyfriend who I love very much. ^^.

Ill try to write in this thing everyday and tell about my
day...unless it totally sucks and there was nothing
intresting...yeah...or if i get lazy...which is very
possible! I am in the running for the laziest person on
earth! I shall be victourious! *evil laugh*

So I guess I will write in this thing tomorrow...see ya
then! Then you will be able to see how my life is...reader
disgression advised! lol. just not

alright everyone talk to you later....uh...later!

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