Cisco Kid
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2004-02-07 03:30:00 (UTC)


I need help. I can't live much longer like this. The most
important person in my life hates me, I want to run and
never stop. I fucking hate my life, and I fucking hate
Murrieta. I want to move so badly. I want to leave this
place behind. Along with the memories. I want to forget
what I've done and who I've hurt. I can't stand this any
longer. I don't know what to do. Should I be friends, or
enemies? Should I run away, or should I die alone and cast
away. I feel like I'm lost at sea. I see you there and I
scream your name. My voice vanishes and is drowned out
beneath the water. You never knew I was there. Help me.
Whoever you are, help me.