Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2004-02-07 03:25:40 (UTC)

DJ IRENE- My latest happenstance.

I went to see DJ Irene on Jan 30th!!! Fucking incredible
it was! I cannot even attempt to describe the level of
energy and the positive vibe she brought to that rave
wqhen she started!

It was a great rave all around, about 20 DJ's in a huge
club called Metropolis in Columbia. Was a killer night. I
felt wanted as a bunch of HOT lookin guys and girls came
up to me and just talked. I had a blast and I am going to
the next one on feb 27th. DJ BabyAnne...

Anyway, n other news, my car is in the shop, and I'm
getting rides to work right now. Brakes went out on me

Nothing new elsewhere. Hours getting cut, bills getting up
again, but Performing arts school I'm gonna teach at is
getting close to being finished. I'm really happy about

I was gonna wax poetic tonight, but the mood has passed,
so I shall bid you all a good night....

Love from Mark