DiNaH says...
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2004-02-07 03:05:59 (UTC)

there is more to life than whining up for dateless valentine

i've been terribly stupid these last few days. i even
forced dennis to fix me a date with his friend! only dennis
didn't agree with me. for him it was all stupidity. well, i
guess he's right. i was just pressured, and crazy.

i just spoke to apro awhile ago and consulted him
about 'the thing'. like everybody, he wished me luck and
seemed happy for me. whatever my plan is, he's happy for
me, he said. so what's my plan? wait. but not in vain. i'd
try to stay as calm as possible, and not mind all the red
colored and heart-shape decors almost all over the place.
i'll try not to be annoyed whenever i see couples strolling
around like they're alone in this world. i'll do my best to
remain positive. and of course, i'll pray harder for God to
enlighten me.

i'm gonna wait, and go on with my life at the same time.
and if ever i do something... i'll make sure it won't ruin
my life.

i have lots of things to do right now and i need to focus
myself or i'll never get to finish 'em all. tomorrow is a
new day and i don't wanna be bothered about anything else.
also, i look forward for tomorrow because... well... saka
ko na lang ikukuwento! hehe! basta, excited ako!

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