Virgin Eyes

The Chronicles of Virgin Eyes
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2004-02-07 02:20:54 (UTC)


hello little online diary. this is my first time to write
in you. i needed something i could tell my thoughts to
since i have no one to talk here it goes.
i feel like one listens to me. i guess i am a
little obsessed with raine maida and our lady peace and bre
ben but so what. my sister is a total selfish bitch. she
hurts my feelings so bad. i can't wait till she leaves to
go to asms.but i know i will miss her.she is just so
hateful lately and i don't know why. my mom isn't here,
she'll prolly be back tommorow though, thank god. my uncle
dan really doesn't have to have heart surgery. he is gonna
be ok. thank god! i was so worried.i miss mom and dad,even
though they've only been gone for a few days. i love nanna
and poppa but they are really cranky right now and no
matter what i do they get mad at me.i can't stop crying. i
tried to call mom but dad isn't answering his cell phone.oh
well. shit i have to go. but i have so much more to
say.maybe i can get on here tommorow.i just really wish i
someone cared. i have no one to talk to.

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