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2004-02-07 00:48:16 (UTC)

it s 4:44. what did i wish for?..

it's 4:44. what did i wish for? on the computer clock. it's still 4:44.
and i'm still wishing. what am i wishing for?

it's 4:45 now. the clock moved ahead in mid thought. but i did what
i had to.

i'm wearing the following outfit:

pink t shirt, caufield school of dance with mime logo
white button down shirt with widely spaced charcoal stripes
charcoal miniskirt
leggings which end just above my ankles
blue socks
black chucks
green ski jacket
no make up
unstyled hair

it's now 4.46, and i'm far too obsessed with my outfits. and i
suppose it's a part of my charm. becuase i'm, like, an artist or
whatever and yeah, i can do anything as long as it's creative.
becuae i'm creative. and today i went grocery shopping.

it's 4.47 now and i don't know what's going on. tonight i'll go to an
art opening. and i wonder if i should go to the liquor store. becuase
i enjoy drinking. and it's cheaper that way. gotta jet.