The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-02-07 00:45:27 (UTC)

My Weekend OFF!! lol

Well, it's Friday, that means 1 more show to go on KRR
before my weekend officially starts. It starts today,
lasts til sunday morning...until i have to get monday's
show in order and shit.

I did a count on my calendar today (Cause, i lead a boring
life lol)....i do 18 episodes this month alone....and
killer's catchin up to me. Like i said to him, i'm gonna
have to start workin weekends just to kick his ass lol,
but that's not gonna happen, cause face it, he's the
station manager.

We got into a talk about christian bands, don't ask me how
or why we did lol, but we did. The only bands that KRR
plays that i'd even consider calling christian are 12
stones and switchfoot. Only cause they talk about God and
stuff in every one of their songs.

People who think other bands who talk about God are
christian. WRONG people. All you gotta do is keep in mind
that the songs certain bands write are what the feel at
the time they're writing the song. IE: Evanescence, Creed,
P.O.D etc.

Anyways, got 15 mins til broadcast time, so i'll write
more when i get a chance to. So Peace out people.



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