C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-02-06 23:48:59 (UTC)

teenage drama

My life has been going really really good lately... two
days ago it snowed so dee and keri and i went sledding...
we had so much time... it was almost like we didnt have to
worry about anything... like when we were at moutnain view
elementary... then last night me and dee and keri and paul
went sledding and had the same amount of fun... and then
today me and keri went snowboarding and i am getting really
good at it! im so hapy.... i went down a run and didnt fall
once.. and it wasnt even the bunny slope...

yesterday i took nate to lunch and keri pretty much hates
him... but of course here i am with my heart in my head...
over analyzing every littlt thing... like how he stood next
to me so he likes me or how he stared ot halee so he doesnt
like me or how he always teases me so he likes me... just
stupid shit like that.... i want him to call and yet he
wont... just another typical teenage drama over love and