Best Left Unspoken
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2004-02-06 23:42:03 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 5

Chapter Five
“Before he starts the story I wanna look around the house.
Don’t you guys think that it would really fun?” Beth
looked around the room at everyone while she asked us what
we think about looking around the house.
“I do. It really would be fun. Anyone else think that it
would?” Jonathan looked really excited by the thought of
looking around the house
“Anyone not want to go?” Sara asked.
“I guess we’re going. Just don’t forget where we left off
in the story. Especially not Steven,” Ethan said getting
“So where do we want to go first? Upstairs? Down here?
Basement? Where?” Mitchell said looking in a different
direction every time he asked.
“How about we go to the top and work our way down. Sound
good?” Jennifer asked.
“Yeah. Let’s go. This is going to be so much fun!” Beth
said almost jumping up and down. She was the most excited
about it. It did seem like so much fun. Going around an
old abandoned house much like the one in their scary
story. Are they really ready for something this completely
insane? Let’s read on.
The group was walking up the stairs when Jonathan heard
something. “Hey, you guys,” Jonathan called out the rest
of the group but everyone else was talking to each other,
so Jonathan thought that he would go back downstairs real
quick and check to see what it was. He figured that if he
just went down to look real quick that they wouldn’t be
that far ahead of him.
Jonathan wandered down the dark stairway and into the room
that he thought he heard the sound coming from. No one
seemed to notice that he had wondered off.
While Jonathan had wondered the rest of the group went
into the first room on their left. They were looking at
all the old, dusty pictures on an old hope chest. There
was what looked like a very happy family. In every picture
there was at least two people who were both smiling. From
all the pictures together it looked like the family was
made up of a mother, a father, two daughters, and three
“Hey you guys where did Jonathan go?” Tiffany looked
around and was the first to notice that there was only
nine people left in the group. Everyone else looked around
the room and even out in the hall, they were all left
shrugging at each other.
The rest of the group went downstairs and just looked
around a little and called out his name. They didn’t go
into a detailed search because they all thought that he
was hiding from them and trying to scare them. They slowly
went down to the basement.
When they got to the biggest room in the basement Mitchell
could have sworn the he saw something and thought that it
was Jonathan trying to sneak up on them. “Jonathan?”
Mitchell said into the room. He turned around and didn’t
even notice that the group had left him. He walked slowly
into the dark alone. He, too, ended up missing.
“Now where did Mitchell go?” Ethan said when they looked
into one of the smaller rooms in the big basement.
“I bet him and Jonathan had planned this whole thing out
just to scare all of us,” Steven said as everyone agreed
with him about it.
“Maybe if we just go back upstairs and start telling the
story again, they’ll come back because they wouldn’t want
to miss it,” Beth said. So everyone went upstairs and
decided to continue on with the story.
Steven went the middle of the room and pulled the twig out
of his big pockets and started his part of the
story. “Well the group of teenagers that started out with
ten and is now left with eight wondered back up to the
living room. They all knew that anymore time in this house
could drive them all insane. So they decided that their
groups now were three, three, and two. They went around
the house and looked for any kind of exit. There was none.
They all thought and most knew for a fact that they would
never see their home again. They were scared. Beth and
Jennifer were biting their nails,” he put his hand up to
his mouth. “Brittaney and Sara were pacing,” he started to
pace back and forth. “Steven and Seth were just looking at
each other, both of them wanting to blame someone. Ethan
and Tiffany were sitting completely silent. No one was
really making any noise. They were too scared. None of
them wanted to die yet,” Steven looked around at everyone
and slowly told his story.
“They decided that it was pretty stupid to be all in the
same room, so they split back up. None of them really said
anything expect for Tiffany who said, ‘Goodbye’ to
everyone else. Sara just nodded at her and Brittaney
waved. Everyone else just gave her a blank stare. This was
something that was hard to believe. No one wanted to. This
time none of the groups went to the basement. The group
with Steven, Seth, and Sara, and the group with Jennifer
and Beth both stayed downstairs. The other group went
upstairs. ‘I’ll miss you guys’ Sara whispered as her group
walked down to the kitchen to see what all was in
there. ‘I really will’ she looked at both Seth and Steven
in the eye. ‘It’ll be okay if we fight back and trust each
other. If we do that our group can leave alive’ Seth said
trying to make her look on the bright side. ‘I hope your
right Seth’ Steven said to him,” Steven looked around the
room and then looked out in the hall. He seemed to stop
moving when he looked out into the hall.
“What are you looking at Stevie?” Beth said turning around
to look out in the hall. There was nothing there.
“I thought I saw something move,” he was still looking out
there. No one could tell if he was doing it just scare
them or if he was serious. “Jonathan, Mitchell, is that
you?” he said out into the hall.
“It was probably nothing,” Seth said. “Finish your part of
the story.”
“Beth and Jennifer just stayed in the living room. They
decided that since Mitchell was gone that they would just
stay there. But they got into a fight about what order
they would die in and why there was a killer here. With
them having a fight they did something very stupid. They
split up and went to look for different groups to be apart
of. Jennifer stayed downstairs and went to look in the
kitchen for the group with Sara, Seth, and Steven. Beth
went upstairs to look for the group with Ethan, Brittaney,
and Tiffany. I’ll just cut to the chase and say that Beth
didn’t even make it past the room that Jonathan had died
in. She was walking past it and noticed that Jonathan’s
body was gone. She stopped and took a closer look. She
walked into the room to find it empty, or so she thought.
When she walked in there, there wasn’t even anymore blood.
Beth was starting to walk out of the room when she heard
something from behind her, a voice. The voice
said, ‘Goodbye Beth.’” Steven looked at everyone as he
pretended to get ready to pounce.
“Me?” Beth looked at him bewildered.
“No, the other Beth sitting right there behind you. Of
course you,” Steven said sarcastically. He looked at
everyone else and got ready to continue. “Beth didn’t even
have a chance to scream. She turned around real quick to
see the face of killer right before she, too, was a bloody
mess. Jennifer found the group in the kitchen and told
them about the fight that she and Beth had just had. ‘So
you left her alone?’ Seth looked at her as if she were
crazy. ‘Do you realize that we are trapped in a house with
an insane killer?’ Sara just turned around to look into
her eyes. ‘Well you guys don’t seem so worried about me.’
Jennifer said to them. ‘Well we know that you’re okay, but
we don’t know how Beth is.’ Seth said to her, still
looking at her in the same way. ‘We better go look for
her.’ Sara said. The group went out of the kitchen and
back to the living room. No Beth. They walked down the
hall past the room that Jonathan’s body was in. No
Beth. ‘Wasn’t Jonathan’s body in here?’ Katrina asked
looking around. ‘Yeah.’ Seth said confused. The walked
into the room and looked around. Seth walked up to the
closet and opened it. There Beth was hanging. Her head was
caught on the inside of a hanger and her feet just barely
touched the floor. Sara screamed in horror,” Steven
grabbed his throat and made a dead looking face.
“Yuck!” Beth said. She looked throughly disgusted. Steven
was the first one to describe the person after the
Steven made a fake coughing sound and continued, “There
was even a footprint on the closet floor in her blood that
was dripping from her. The footprint was from the same
shoe that all the other ones were from. The same size, and
the same design of the bottom. The group from upstairs
came running down from the sound of the scream. All three
of them ran into the room and saw Beth. ‘Another murder?’
Brittaney said as if it couldn’t have happened again. ‘Oh
no.’ Tiffany looked at Beth hanging in the closet. ‘I
think I’m gonna be sick.’ Brittaney ran out of the room.
Sara and Tiffany chased after her. There was no way they
were going to leave her out on her own with all this going
on. They caught up to her down the hall where she was
looking for a place to throw up. She looked purely sick.
Then she fell to her knees and started to sob in her
hands. ‘Brittaney are you okay?’ Sara walked around to the
front of her. ‘I’m fine it’s just that this is happening
way too fast and I’m going to die and so are you and I
just don’t think I can handle that thought.’ Brittaney
looked up at Sara and Tiffany. ‘Brittaney if we fight back
together and not split up anymore we can make it. We just
have to trust each other.’ Sara repeated what Seth had
told her. Brittaney looked up for a split second and
screamed bloody murder. If she would have looked up a
little bit sooner it would have been alright, but it was
too late,” Steven cut off there and said, “Who’s next?”
“That’s it? You’re not going to tell us what happened to
Brittaney, Tiffany, and me?” Sara looked at him. “You’re
just going to leave what is going to happen after the
scream up to the next person?”
“That’s what it looks like is going to happen,” Steven
said and took the twig and got it ready to hand it to
someone else. “Who wants to go next?”
“I will, and I’ll make this so unexpected that you won’t
believe your ears,” Sara said getting up. She walked to
the middle of the room and reached out for the twig. And
so we continue on through the story.