A choosen life
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2004-02-06 20:09:51 (UTC)

Thoes british boys...can't figure them out!

Theres this guy from england at my school, totally hot and
totaly exotic looking he is really really cute...but of
course "we always like the peole we can't have". He is
really popular, a totally drooling over, he
likes this prissy popualr girl named tiffany and it really
sucks because she knows i like him and shes keeps flirting
with him and they are all over each other in gym class. It
toatlly bugs me and drives me insane. I dont know if this
happens to every girl but if your born with good geens and
look like that famous victoria secret model then i guess
you can get anyone you want..i kinda wish i looked like
Adriana lima. Then he'd so be with me and not ms. priss