Caryn's Journal
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2004-02-06 17:49:01 (UTC)


-Hey, It's me Caryn! hehe! I made new journal. Cuz my
ol' journal won't let me in there! *tears* oh well!
-Today is cancel for skool! YAY! hehe! anyways I miss
all of my friends, tho. I'm being bored now! Yesterday, we
don't have water at KGMS! GAAA! We got out at 9:30 a.m.
from KGHS! WOW! I didn't go to KGHS. B/c my mom picked me n
my friend, up from KGMS. We went to my gma's house! We had
a lot of fun. LOL! we just downloadin' music and song!
Hehe! So, I'm gotta of here right now! If u wanna comment
on my own journal!


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