taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-02-06 16:39:57 (UTC)

What is it with me and non-straight women?

For some reason there is a corrleation between women I have
been associating with having liberal sexual preferences.
It's probably just a coincidence, but maybe it's not.
Perhaps it is because non-straight women realize that I
don't harbor adverse judgments against towards
differentiated groups and thus feel like I am one they can
confide in. Or maybe it's because I more efeminate than
most men, which I'm really not, but maybe I just give off
the aura. Or maybe it's just my lack luster ability to
spell. I hear it's an aphrodisiac. Something to think about.
Maybe I'm unconsciously partial towards non-straight women.
Thats crazy. Scratch that one off the list. I'm done.

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