Nick's Journal
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2004-02-06 15:21:26 (UTC)

Apathy of time my one true pleasure

i've found why i feel good. i know how i feel good. it
is when i am apathetic towards time. in essence, if
you're apathetic towards time you control it. cos time's
only function is to control you, and when it loses this
power you have it in yours. i found out why my nausea
and headache were cleared wednesday night. i was feeling
like shit and then juliann came in. after talking with
her for 2 and a half hours i felt so much better, before
that time dragged on and on, but once she was here it
didn't really fly by (time never does), it was just so
much more enjoyable that it's constraints had no hold on
whenever you get drunk, high, or god knows what you take
away the constraint of time. i mean seriously, how many
drunks have ever said, "oh shit its 11:15 i better get
home.". time is no longer a reason it has succumbed to
the joy that we feel. that's (in my opinion) the real
theory of relativity, ha or just one for us dumb business
majors to make up so that we can feel smart. when you're
high time just sifts through the air and appears to never
pass. when you're drunk you just don't give a shit about
time and it becomes the most irrelevant thing in the
that's why dreams are so crazy. they are devoid of a time
concept. anyhow, i just love my control over time and i
exercise it whenever i can. and luckily enough i have
someone who exercises it for me.