Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-02-06 11:38:15 (UTC)

tireless extreme

in the day, I sleep
in the eve, I work
in the night, I play

but over and over
like the perfect ending
you'll always mean so
much to me, but will you,
can you forgive me?

I am falling, falling
Like the sands of time
I wish that I could wash
away the pain, but It
never made much sense
to me, never

today, like any other
I can say nothing more
than I still know you

Love, still there, in here
I won't stop, I can't
true or not, for me

I only wanted so much
more for you, and in
the end, I shredded
any such dreams

you're too far away
I watch my life pass me by
without you, seems empty
sadly, but true

I still miss, my Bliss
gone now she is
a thousand miles
and more, the path
taken, the journey
on that other road

The one I should have
trusted in, but couldn't
The path I would have
walked on, with you

But the path chosen for
me, so long ago, I can't
seem to leave it, no
matter how hard I try

It's not real to me
I don't know
If it ever was