malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-02-06 05:30:47 (UTC)

fire wood tonight

i awoke at seven-oh-five p.m., groggy and disheveled
the wind was leaning in the cracks,
in the door, the walls the windows.
the faint scent of sulfur pervaded the air,
coils of smoke curled from rooftops against a jet sky
i had fallen asleep waiting for night to come,
and at seven-oh-five i heard it knocking
the moonrise had since begun and cast charming little
shadows across the floor like miniature animals of the darkness
the street was alive with beauty, with danger and the
excitment of a million stars exploding lightyears
away in a world silent and graceful
all the clocks in my house ticked away the hour,
a little out of sync with eachother and
more than a little behind the outside world
making it impossible to determine what time of day is
passing, and in doing so make the hours stretch
into indistinguishable lifetimes
the waiting fueled my campaign and I rushed down stairs,
through the dining room and out the front door
to meet the immediate darkness with a passionate kiss...