D-Bone'z Diary
2004-02-06 05:18:49 (UTC)

Thurday Febuary 06,2004

Hey whats up? Nadda much for me just bbeing real board like
ussal,,,nothing to do but sit in muh house it sux ass I
hate being grounded...I so hope I move to Edmonton on
June!! Becuhz I hate thunder bay I only got like 3 tru azz
frendz well i got more then that but they are the only 3 i
can trust!! I aint no loner or fuck all tho lolz. But Im
scared for court it'z commin up on Feb 18 :( I hope I dunt
go to jail tho like..All i did was beat sum bitch up that
said shyt about muh mama like fuck man lol well we cool
whit eachother agian so i guess thats good and plus i ghot
like 2 more charges mabey if i do move to edmonton it will
change muh wayz cuhz living lyfe like this aint gonna get
me anywhere,,drinkin 'n' fightin that aint a good lyfe eh?
well anywayz lol muh room lookz awesome i got a new printer
and itz Bone Thugs!! all over well soon to be I only got
like 12 pic'z up so far...I said soo far wen im done muh
hole room gonna be Bone Thugs man!! I luv dem boiz soo much
I would do anything to meet them...Well I better go now cya
ppl ][PeacE][! D-B.O.N.E.! Fa Lyfe!

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