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2004-02-06 04:53:59 (UTC)

Bad Day

I still havent thought of a name for you yet diary. Sorry.
Today hasn't really been my day. First I have to tell the
basketball coach to not put me on the team if I make it
because my grads dropped during softball and I had other
stuff. Besides, my friend-who is not very athletic- tried
out and asked me to stay for the remainder of the tryouts.
So i did. Anyway, I was so mad I had to quit. I'd rather be
cut from the team then quit the day before they would post
who made it. Well, anywayz thats not all. My friend ( A
different one) got asked to the social by the guy i liked.
And he seemed to like me too. Unfortunetely, only like 5 of
the people in my grade are going, so she asked me to come.
So I will. It will be awkward though. The guy I like and
one of my best friends slow dancing with him. She doesn't
even like him that much. As friends yes, but as anything
else...no. Oh, well. I just got to learn to deal with it i
guess. Thats life. Oh, todays song....hmmmmm... "Swing,
Swing" by the All American Rejects. Thx diary.
[email protected]

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