Euphoric Nothingness
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2004-02-06 03:40:11 (UTC)

Did You Miss Me?

Wow. It's been 3 weeks since I wrote in this thing. Lots
of have gone down. I have just been so busy lately that
it has been hard to write. So I guess I'll give an update
on some of the things going on.

The big topic of discussion lately has been Theresa. We
are still spending lots of time together and having all
sorts of fun. Neither one of us are really sure what will
eventually become of "us". We seem to be really enjoying
our time together. Deep down inside I think we want what
we have to work but we're not sure if it will. I guess
only time will tell.

School is exhausting this semester. February 19th has
become one of the biggest days of my undergraduate
career. I have test in US History Since 1960 at 9, Stat
at 3, and Modern Middle East at 6. The Stat test
shouldn't be too bad since it is open book and open note.
However, the two history tests could be behemoths. Plus,
I have a 5-page paper due for US History on the 17th. Not
to mention those 3 10-page papers that are still looming.
I am hoping to do at least some preliminary research this
weekend. I want to get the Revolutions one done early so
I have at least something done. We'll see how that goes.
It's a lot of work this semester.

There is a bill in the Florida Legislature that may end my
days at UCF before I want them to. Anybody with more than
132 Credit Hours would have to pay out-of-state tuition.
I can't afford that. So assuming it passes (and it looks
like it will), I will be forced to drop all of my
Political Science stuff and finish in December with a BA
in History and a Minor in Statistics. I am really bummed
about it. I am just hoping for some kind of miracle. A 9-
month layoff would be nice and all, but I know I would
feel as if I sold myself short.

I applied for the McNair Scholarship a couple weeks ago.
I am really hoping that I do get it so I can go to Rome
for a week or so in the early summer (aka May). I think
it would be an incredible experience for me and I would
have such a good time. It appears as though I would go
alone since nobody can afford to get there. I am just
hoping and praying that this works out for me. I want
this scholarship so bad.

The Library is still the Library. I sit around and check
in books. I do get a ton of studying done but the job is
the same thing every day. It has gotten very boring and
automated. At least at Wendy's there were some
spontaneous moments of craziness and insanity. I guess a
little variety wouldn't hurt every now and again.

Well there is a small update on some of the significant
events going on in my life. I hope you enjoyed them. I
promise I will try to take less than 3 weeks for the next