Hugs n Kisses!
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2004-02-06 00:29:00 (UTC)


im soo bored rite now.. so i decided to make a journal!
lol.. today was so boring! but last night was soo awesome!
=D haha first mark came over n we hung out @ the park for a
really long time! =) and then cindy came to the park!! she
finally got her lisence!! but then we all had to go home..
and like 20 mins later cindy came over to pick me up n then
we went n got trina and went to BJs! haha that was soo
FuN!! LOL our lemonlade seriously had alcohol in it.. lol
so me n cindy drank it! we spent $25 on just mine n cindys
food!! lol ya were pigs.. haha, then we went n got jeff cuz
cindy wanted to see him! and we went through a drive-thru..
just so cindy could drive thru one for the 1st time! lol!
haha then we just like drove random places! lol we'd been
gone for like 3 hrs.. so we all had to go home! =( i cant
wait til tmrrw tho, cuz me n mark are gona hang out! =D!
lol, well i g2g!

xoxo- DaNiElLe!

3 MaRk 3