Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2004-02-05 19:41:51 (UTC)


Hi guys, this probably wont be very long because I am in
class right now, but shhhh! I have less then 4 months of
school left. I am so excited, sometimes it goes by fast and
sometimes, a minute is like a freakin hour. But I did
pretty well last semester and I am very confident about
this semester. There is so much I can write today but I
dont have that much time which really sucks. I have less
then 10 minutes. (hehe)

Aside from school I dont really feel happy about much else.
I want to move out so bad, which my dad keeps pushing and
pushing me. Like the other day he was yelling at me about
how much time I spend at Karens house and he said if I
liked it so much over there that I could move in with her
and I told him "Well maybe I will, I would like it more
over there with them then here with you!" And then I get
yelled at even more and I was so pissed off. 18 years in
that house and I am going crazy yet, which is suprising to

Anyways, I will let ya'll go for now. Have a nice day

Always ~me~