The crazy world of me
2004-02-05 19:01:21 (UTC)

does anyone else ever feel this way????

So Ricky and I aren't for real fighting anymore. i really
dont understand him though. one minute he says one thing
and then he changes his mind the next. like i was telling
him we should get high and have sex because it is the
greatest and he was like i am not going to get high anymore
or some bullshit. so yeah ever since he has been back
there he has been getting high. that drives me crazy about
him because i just dont understand how he changes his mind
like that. I really want things to work out between us but
sometimes i think about being in relationships with other
people so what does that all mean. i dont know but i hope
that things change between him and i because a lot of times
i dont think that i can deal with the bull shit anymore.
well i am going to go for now bye all