Something For The Rag & Bone Man
2004-02-05 17:40:31 (UTC)


I felt left out so i've decided to make my own even though
i have a livejournal too.

Things have got even worse with Etienne, oh well.

Ive been reading Fayes diary and it is very depressing, it
makes her sound a tad fruitless, but then again she isn't
brightest crayon in the box :P
Kayleigh Kayleigh Kayleigh......who could ask for a nicer
friend? aww and she even supports BCFC now too 8D
Been listening to Interpol a lot recently, and Jeff Buckley
of course.....good old Jeff....and to all you kids, no! his
death was not funny...you're sick mister, SICK!
I can't understand it when people type like this:
I cnt understnd it wen ppl tipe lyke dis!!!11!1one!
So I shall refrain from doing it as i don't know what half
of it means.....oh well.

x wow x