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2004-02-05 14:43:39 (UTC)

My point of view about err...me

My name's Julian, Jules in short version. Will be 17 on
March 3rd, about 3 months before my prom night. Well,
speaking of it, I still haven't decide who I will go with.
I can't ask Monique, one of my best friend, I know she
already has someone in mind. She said "Jules, I'll do
anything to get you a date, but I find it difficult to find
a guy to accompany you". Mm-hmm... like I don't know that.
She continued, "Maybe you wanna ask Nate". There I was,
stood up with scarlet face. He's my long-time crush, thing
that confuses me is that sometimes he seems 'gay' and
sometimes he's completely straight. Maybe he's bi...

Monique has been trying to convince me to ask him. Nate and
I went out a couple of times and I'm sure he knows what I
feel. Looks like he's enjoying the moment when I lost my
words, blushed when he flirts,... my God, may I be cursed
if he's not gay! We use to look at each other at the
hallway between classes (and Monique just can't stop
giggling... I think she finds gay people is a fascinating

A few days ago, we had the conversation about careers (we:
Nate, his best friends Tom and Nick, Monique, my friend
Russ, and myself). By the way, Tom's gay. At least that's
what I think since he dumped his lovely-brunette-
potentially-Harvard-filthy-rich girlfriend. He asked me
what I want to be. I said Interior Designer. I decorated my
new house in Sutton Place, my dad asked me. He thought I
had great taste in furniture. Tom asked me again, "Where
will you go?" I said I haven't decided yet, maybe Parsons
or Ravesbourne in London, UK. Nate raised his eyebrows when
I mentioned UK. "UK?" he said. Yeah, I said, my
grandparents and some of my best friends are there. I lived
there for the first 7 years of my life. "That's far away,"
he said. Monique already kicking me under the table. She
said "Why? You'll miss him?" I gave her terrified look.
What the fuck you were saying? But my heart leaped when
Nate smiled, "Maybe." And he blushed!!!

Tom said Parsons' pretty cool, "I might go there too" he
said. We share the same level of passion about decorating
stuff. "That'll be great, at least I have someone who'll
sign my attendance if I want to skip classes". Tom
laughed, "I was thinking that way". For a while, we talked
about what we would do if we joined Parsons. I had to
admit, felt good to see Nate's look. Very disturbed *LOL*.

I might ask him, worth to try. Although everyone will stare
at us when we arrive hand-in-hand at the prom. If he want
to go with me...

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