The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-02-05 06:38:22 (UTC)

"H!gH - v0lUmE 9iNe!!!"

Welcome back to the STONER FILES (Thanks for the name rage
lol)....anyways, i'm not emotional, i'm in a
wait, GREAT mood tonight.

As you know, my day has been shitty up until now. I'm
ROCKIN out to some kick ass tunes man, and now i'm set lol.

I forgot what i was gonna say lol.

OH yea, i watched that 70s show today...fuckin awesome.
It's been the best of this season so far. It's where kelso
thinks he's a stooge at the police academy, so they break
in...and find a storage room full of P-O-T, and a shock
bracelet...kelso loved that thing, and i wish we had POT
like that up here.

I mean, this shit we get is GOOD. But, i want POT that
fucks you up BIG TIME...where you can't remember your name

The best place to get shit if you live in canada?
BC...british columbia...Stoner province of canada. They
have the BEST shit there, no matter who you go through.
That's because there's CROPS, and hydroponics that people
use, unlike here....we grow plants in our houses lol, not
us...but people in Alberta generally lol

The best place to get shit if you're in the states? any of
the east and west cost states offer good quality shit.
I've only done Washington state weed, and that's GOOD
SHIT, and i've seen new yorkers do it, and that's good.
I've even heard california gets the decent shit.

So, question for tonight? where else, state or province
wide is good for pot, and has the best shit?

LaTeRz pEoPlE!!!