chevs life
2004-02-05 03:24:35 (UTC)

The Little Bit That I Neglected To Write About

Well it's been forever since I actually wrote in here so
happy 2004 everyone. Alot's happened but I don't wanna
write a big recap so I'll just tell you the important
details since September 2003.

My 16th birthday was October 13, A.K.A. Thanksgiving thus
it wasn't too eventful. I had somewhat of a party but not
really. It was more of just a girl's night in which people
could call a party. Ya, that's right... no boys. You'd
think that one would grow out of the "cootie" phase by
grade 11 eh?

I got my license November 4th which was cool. That was my
second try but I'm not embarrassed because I still
maintain that my examiner guy had a bad start to his
morning cuz he was rather grumpy I would say. (and this
guy's supposed to be the nice one!). I got my license from
the supposed "bitch" (excuse my french). She was pretty
cool actually. Super nice and everything. The best part is
that she didn't MERCY PASS me like some other people.

Also in November, I remarkably made the basketball team.
It was quite an accomplishment to me because I've been a B
teamer for 2 years in a row thus I wasn't expecting to
make senior. No complaints here.

December brought about my traditional Christmas party with
my group of friends. It was pretty successful I would say.
We had some pretty decent presents and a pretty good time
I'd say. I think that's probably the last one there'll be
because our group's pretty much broken apart and we don't
all hang out really anymore. This year definitely brought
about a change in friends, as much as I don't wanna accept
that people change.


Okay, so on New Year's Eve I had a basketball thinger with
the Junior Girls which blew cuz I hate Petey and we just
did a bunch of gay ass drills instead of the scrimmage we
were supposed to have. But it ended with pizza which is
always good. So then I said fairwell to the family and
drove to Regina to Mandi's humble home.

When I got there, we went to get ready then to the Pita
Pit and McDonalds (Mandi was the healthy one in this
situation) then to visit Lisa, only to find that she was
back in the hospital! So then we went to pick up Dane
(Mandi's boyfriend) and go to this party thinger. It took
forever to get to his house cuz I swear I was on Albert
Street for like 20 minutes. It was nuts. So anyhoo, I met
Dane and we left for the party.

The party was alright I suppose. There were some bands
there who performed. They were pretty good (in my opinion
anyway). It got kind of boring after cuz everyone was just
super drunk and such. Then there was the countdown... I
felt pretty alone, haha but what can ya do. Then Mandi and
I left and went back to her house. We got food on the way
and then veged out for the night, chattin it up and such
as we usually do at her house.

So ya, that's about all that you missed in my ever so
interesting life in the past couple of months. I think my
New Year's resolution will be to write in here more