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2004-02-05 03:15:47 (UTC)

About Me

Hey. I havent thought of a name for you yet but I can think
of one soon. But anyway, this page is about me. My name Is
Danielle June Barker. I go by Dani, but some call me DJ or
Elle. Music is a big part of my life, not only listening to
it, but playing music too. I listen to all kinds of music,
to me it doesnt matter the group, I just have to like the
song. I think I want to name a song each day, for
suggestions. I also play many instruments such as tenor,
bari and alto saxophone, flute, piano, guitar, oboe,
trumpet, french horn, and drums. I just know how to play
some of these quite a bit, but my main instrument is any of
the saxophones. I'm also getting into harmonica, and I can
do vocals. I also love Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the
Caribbean and a lot of other weird movies. Tommyboy is
another one. I have so many different varieties of things
its hard to count.lol. I love sports a lot too. I just
finished my softball season, which is my second favorite
sport to play after soccer. But my favorite sport to watch
is definetely baseball. Go D-Backs!!! Sometimes I think I
am adopted because my family doesnt share many of these
interests with me, considering I only have a mom and dad,
and i never see the rest of my family. It's been one of my
dreams to have a big brother. Every single one of my friend
has a big brother, and one of them is like a brother to me.
I love it. Sometimes I even hope at night that maybe my
parent would consider to adopt. i don't think it would
happen though. Ummm...Lets see... Oh! I love animals. My
job is to babysit them. I also have two dogs. Tasha and
Beleia. Beleia is pronounced Buh-lay-uh. It means white
whale, and guess what? She's white and she loves to swim! I
don't really know what else to say. So, I will just leave
my email and my song of the day. "I Would Walk 500 Miles"
by the Proclaimers! awesome upbeat song! Thanks for
listening. [email protected]

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