Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-02-05 02:51:26 (UTC)

real hate

now i kno what tru hate is. somebody broke into my locker
at school. they didnt steal anything but they ripped up
all of my pictures. and any of you that kno me kno that my
pictures mean everything to me because of the memories
they hold. they ripped up the pics of my sister (heather);
my mom; my friend liz; my friend nessa and me; the pic of
reagan and kelsey; the pic of me, Nessa and Patrick. im
just happy that i didnt have any pictures of cody or my
brothers or my sister paige. the 2 pics i have of paige
are irriplaceible.
and now steph may not be going to hardwood. AND my brother
has a crush on my best friend. go figure. well....i did it
to him with Hunter so.......yea.....well....umm....yea....
I got the money from Cody today. and he sent me his
basketball stat card. IT HAS HIS PIC ON IT!!! it was a
really sweet surprise. my brother n me thought it was
gonna be a condom or something but.....we were wrong.
lol :-P. Jason says it shoulda been a condom....but Jason
isnt the romantic cody is....anyways jason hasnt even had
that type of jk. hes had more chicks
then i can count. :-P that explains the nickname....'King
Jay' and 'King ding-a-ling'.
OK now i have to be honest.....hes not all that
expirienced....other then what me and gary have tought
him. ya just hope as a teacher...that you taught them
right. and you just have to hope and pray that they dont
screw up. well.....not bad at least. but i just hope that
he finds a girl that wants to be with him for him. not
like garys situation.
well g2g now. buh bai.


Nikkie XOXO

p.s- I think Jason is gonna kill me now. goodbai. lol :-P