The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-05 02:05:19 (UTC)

Hmmm...topic? lol

Well, yea, who cares...i'm bored, and i dunno what to use
for a topic :P, i really don't care. Anyways, what to talk
about? Well, let's see...

Today was DOCTOR day. And, I swear, you can NOT trust the
damn busses in this city tonight. Not only was it late for
picking me up, but we also had to wait 10 minutes in the
terminal for one of the NW busses to get there....GRRRRRRR

I thought everything was going ok...and i was only gonna
be 15 minutes late....but NO, we had to get stuck in ice,
and one of the damn doors kept, not only was
i late...i was 30 mins late, and i had to wait in the damn
doctors office for another 15 ontop of that....BAD DAY.

But, it was good up until tomorrow's show
recorded today when i woke up. Instead of the 3 hour show
i recorded's 2 hours and some long....but
at least that's outta the way.

Friday's show's gonna be good....if people actually post
in the forums about my show, how it was, what i can
change, what to on, and so forth. All comments
i get, get read on the air when i record friday's show

Other than that...not much else is until later

PeAcE OuT!


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