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2004-02-05 00:19:43 (UTC)

hmmmmmmm...not sure

ok so i know i havent writin in a while but ive been busy
between basketball and school but i got tommorrow and
friday off school so im good. did i tell u that my team got
4th in the last tournament. i think i did...... but anyways
i played at team from sturgeon and they got second in our
tourny and the last time we played them we go our asses
wooped like 70 somthing to 30 somthing. but anyways i
played them on monday and we actaully WON ya for us! we won
by one basket i think it was 47-45 it was awesome!! but i
have another tournament this weekend like thursday to
saturday but i might not even be able to play cause my
parents are gay and last thursday the first day of the
sabres tournament i had rolled my ankle but i play the rest
fo the game anyways then i went to get a ankle brace so i
thought i was good but it didnt go away so my mom( the
brilliant person she is lol) decided to take me to a doctor
and it turned out that i have a minor sprain on the right
side of my ankle on the tenden and was told not to play but
i have to casue we only have 8 on our team so my mom HAS to
talk to my dad about it and im going to play no matter what
they say!! i do not care i have an ankle brace im fine but
my mom also decided to take me to some doctor i dont know
how to spell it but anyways so i gotta go there on friday
so gay but anyways gonna go ill talk to u all later!