lyssa's Diary!
2004-02-04 23:13:20 (UTC)


Well it started aight.. i havent talked to aj so i was
sorta expeting his call and to explain why he hadnt called
for 2 weeks... but will get there in just a bit.
i got to school, and all my friends wished me a happy
birthday i loved it! although i was sorta late LOL... only
becuz my family woke me up with a cake and it seemed like a
billion candles lol... but i was tired... i went to first,
then talked to friends during passing, went to 2nd... OMG
wat a hard workout it was that day too! ahh... 3rd was
aight, again ppl wished me more happy birthdays LOL.. and
of course 4th per.. very boring day huh... then after words
my friend shelbie went with me to go get my hair done,
(highlights) it took 3 damn hrs becuz my hair is so thick.
so then we went home, and i dropped her off cuz my parents
were cooking me a family dinner... (while i had a million
calls on the way home and when i got home) i went to go
checck my mail just to see if aj emailed me or sumthin..
but no word... then i heard my phone ring agian, i ran
downstairs and then first words i hear are "yo!" i was
like "whos this?" he was like .."me aj" and then he wished
me a happy birthday... i then said thank u and asked why he
hadnt called me in the last 2 weeks. he said becuz he didnt
want to talk to me, im in his past, sayen i was a bad
influence becuz i go out dancing (which i might add only
once this year!) and that when i do it, it makes him want
to go out and he needs to be a stronger person. he went on
bascially dissing me, and saying that im not a christian,
and that i ruined his walk with god too mnay times, and
that the last 2 weeks have been wonderful with out me. i
didnt get what i did, we were getting along, and of all
days tell me on my birthday? i said "why do u do this to
me? we were getten along when u were in town and
everything" and he was like "when i got back from orlando i
realized what i wanted, and i didnt want to alk to u ne
more" so that hurt deeply. i hung up the phone almost
crying u could tell i was about too... and i said i had to
go.. havent talked to him sense. i called my best friend
connor which had enough of everything demanded to have his
number (Sense i did *69) .. i refused and he said if i
didnt he was gonna get pissed at me, so of course i did...
i dont know what was said but i think connor made it clear
for him to never call me again... i then called nicole of
course told her, and made plans with shelbie and to go to
connors to watch some movies later that night after iw as
done with my family dinner. after my family dinner (Which
was ruined cuz i was still crying) (my dad wants to kill
aj!) again!! i went picked up shelbie and nicole went to
connors where mike (this guy i liked last year but kind of
gave up for aj.. and he went for this girl jenny) but
found out they were broken up...... it was akward but hes
cool... his family (Connors) and mike and everyone sang
happy birthday to me, and made me hold a candle LOL.. then
we went downstairs and watched "american pie 2" made all of
us in better moods sense we were all sort of depressed...
then mike left to go pick up our friend taner, and yea...
well it was time for us to go around 10:30 and we were on
our way out when mike and taner showed up outta know
where.. and we all stood outside in the drive way and
talked.. then taner, connor and mike sang me happy birthday
agian! sooo cute, especially when u have guys singing it!
mike told me alot of stories about his ex jenny, seemed
very hurt, i could relate to him... we stood out there for
a good 20 min andrealized that we had to get home sense we
had school the next day. i drove them home and went to bed
LOL... i'll talk later about my day yesterday and today..
but im way to tired and need to go clean up!

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