2004-02-04 20:24:56 (UTC)

to don

well i just wanted to state the fact that if u cant agree
with something i do or have done doesnt mean u have to hate
me or say shit about me to make me realize that... because
i do listen when people tell me shit and i try to do whats
right but its not always that easy so all i really have to
say is that if u truely thought of me as a friend u would
have respected me as a person and not as some moral which i
can understand how people have morals but i mean thats a
moral im a person and if i cant get the respect i should
get from a friend then i dont want u as a friend at all
because i mean yeah i don i thought u were the greatest
person ive ever met.. i loved the way u always made me
smile and never really cared about what others thought and
how much of ur own person u were and it made me feel not so
alone... but then when the time came that i actually needed
u... u werent there and i was totally lost... i didnt knwo
what to do or what to think and all i could do is try to
hold the tears back as they rolled out of my eyes... i can
understand how u dont respect or dont know how i do half
the shit that i do but doesnt mean u cant respect me and im
sry for that... but just because u chose all of a sudden
that u couldnt take it anymore doesnt mean u have to put me
down like that... but i think ive said everything i can say
without crying again because it hurts so bad to know ur
loosing a great friend over something that is so hard to
deal with to begin with