malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-02-04 19:59:58 (UTC)

here she is

she is the girl with the white-blonde hair, she sits one row

over, an image of stylish sophitico. she has a silent mocking

beauty, and a calm gaze and cool eyes. she makes reason look

void and silence feel noisy. what does she think? no one

knows. her thoughts are her own, her ideas locked behind lips

of a subtle pink. i don't know her. no one knows her. she sits

in silence and takes us all in, we are the crude, loud figures

in her unruffled world. where does she come from? where, when

the hour is spent, does she go? she turns her head, but why?

her hands are small and her eyes are open wide and gazing,

never fixing on any one object. what do they see? what secrets

do they keep? it is her quiet way that makes me wonder.


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