life sucks
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2004-02-04 15:57:40 (UTC)

comp class

i just got out of study hall omg it was so
boring...besides the fact that me and stephy got to clean
her closet out rather then do work.......omg it is so hot
in comp class well lyk it is hot everywhere i dont kno
why..............i worked on my project today some but not
alot it is due on monday and that means i have lots of
time to do it i might just have to work alot on the next
couple of dayz that is alright i can handle
it..........destiny is sad today cuz meagan donnell is
being a big bitch to her i think it is stupid its all bout
this girl alison and everything i just think that meagan
and destiny should get ova it even tho i luv destiny lots
i dunno.....alot of dumb things r going round school
lately but i g2g ttyl buh byez