Visions Of Life
2004-02-04 13:42:49 (UTC)

Alot To Tell

My GPA last semester was a 3.75. Not bad considering I was
in a terrible accident. I may retake macroeconomics so I
can get an A instead of a B. I am anal like that. This
semester I am in 5 classes again. Astronomy is my hardest
class but it is so fascinating. I love school. Next year I
am applying for the Honors program.

Things are better between my brother and I. Last weekend
he was in a car with his girlfriend. She was driving and
neither had been drinking or doing drugs. They get hit by
some idiot a few minutes after she dropped off her son
with her had. She dies in the accident while my brother
gets away with just bruises. He completely fell apart and
won't talk about it. After soul searching while being so
depressed he couldnt move, he decided to go to school and
start acting like an adult. That is wonderful, but it
shouldn't take the death of a young mother to motivate a
person. It breaks my heart when I look at his broken eyes.

This does show that good things come from bad things. That
is the story of my life. Right before Christmas, we were
robbed by people both of us considered friends. They stole
various game system type stuff, but what hurt me the most
is that these bastards stole my wrapped christmas presents
that were for my family. I guess I am just lucky that I
could replace everything. We ened up moving during
Christmas and now live in a beautiful apartment. We bought
new furniture and I love living close to my family.